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After a couple of years with Bedroom Bizzare, the band where I lost my musical virginity, moved on to work with BB’s keyboard player and techno guru Julian in a pact called: Tone Deaf but Beautiful then Jaded Etiquette; making the most of what we could(n't) afford: Play the Game of life.

5 years into this musical learning curve became fretless bassist for a band called Funcrime; favourite band to date; playing (fairly progressive) rock/blues which is a personal favourite. Within a year the band politics kicked in and out went the Fun(crime); like an inspired flash of light. Shame, as I feel proud of the music we achieved: Music in my Head.

Began working on solo projects at this point in time; writing songs and recording them.

Started to write seriously beginning 2 books; Sgalawaki and Tarr & Feathers. When the basic inspiration for Code of Company sprung: Bronze Statues.


Moved to London, answered an ad’ in Loot; Lorenzo and I worked on various fresh ideas for over 2 years based around jazz, funk, rock and blues.

This experience taught me a lot about working with a musician technically better than me, establishing compromises.  We may not have achieved a lot on the outside world but my innards were well inspired: Griffin.

Started a 2 year college course; Music Technology; predominantly introduced here to the digital age: computers: Bump'r

Snatch from an independent film (with coppers in it): PC Plod.

Music went on the back burner for 6-7 years until 2003 when my better half and I bought some recording equipment. That was the easier thing to do; learning how to use it remains on going: Beyond Skin Beauty.

Spent 2 years working alongside the delectable Matt Williamson; writing our own songs; producing them under the title: Sounds Abound UK: Peep’ol.

My musical challenge so far has been dedicated to learning how to write a decent song or instrumental, play bass, drums, guitar and how to sing (better), produce lyric and musical arrangements before getting my bonce around how to implement the recording gear to produce the best recordings I’m capable of: Meadowland Trip.