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Music is a fantastic way to express oneself; you can express absolutely anything, especially as an instrumentalist without fear of retribution for your personal beliefs.

Only when deciphering our thoughts into the written word can things get hectic!

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BloG1 - Uncovering the Repeats

Code of Company is based on 3 fundamental perspectives:

Forgive me, I’m well aware how difficult it is to produce a really well crafted song and there are plenty out there. Unfortunately most of them (according to my tastes) are at least 30 years old and I’m bored of hearing them being repeated so often. Commercial radio stations seem to continually play very old songs and very often. Why should this be?

I'm yet to actually prove this next preponderment but with regards the x factor, bearing in mind Simon Cowell (Scowel) controls the musical aspects of Sony/BMG; how many songs has he used on the show that don't belong to Sony/BMG? My guess is not many, more likely they all belong to Sony/BMG because every time a song is played on the airwaves the owner of the copyright is owed money.

Repeats are either due to making money for old rope and/or to fill a gap easily, with no or very little extra financial outlay; thus covers or repeats are not helping the promotional development of fresh musical ideas. I don't have it in for cover artists/bands making money as it's all good practise. What's the difference between a repeated song and a new band repeating an old style?

How many radio stations devote air-time to fresh local artists? Please let me know.