Along, long time ago, in the presence of 2 lovely ladies with great memories who heard a sweeping statement regarding a challenge to write 3 books before the awakening of death:

One from the heart, one from the head and one from the hormones.

A perspective = 3 ways.

Head = Sgalawaki

Heart = Tarr & Feathers

Hormones = Will or Evens


Code of Company produces Words & Music: Copyright: 1995-Today: All Rights Reserved.

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Code of Company are ready to Self-Publish 3 books:

Sgalawaki attempts to understand the present establishment’s definition of reason using Oxfords' dictionary; offering a very liberating philosophical account of how to understand reason.

Sgalawaki PDF (Preface)

Sgalawaki £2.25

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Tarr & Feathers is a fantasy fable set over 3 days based on 2 old duffers concerned with an impending attack from abroad, deciding to try and save their community taking on the council, etc. While in the adjacent forest a guardian of the skies realises once and for all, the murder of his brother by the Crow-King needs to be seriously considered.

Tarr & Feathers PDF (Chapters 1-3)

Tarr & Feathers £2.25

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Lyrical-Eyes contains 50 lyric/short philosophical poems.

Lyrical-Eyes PDF (8 Poems)

Will or Evens; a Sci-Fi thriller about a man remotely controlled by a few, consumed with living a degrading life through the ears and eyes of another.