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MP3s = 96kbps

Some great inspired ideas manifest from this principle. Here are few examples of past jams; in the moment.

Analogue Jam - C.Kin: early '70s analogue synths recorded at college, with drums and bass overdubbed on a 4-track recorder.

Errol Jam – C.Kin (Bass) and Anthony Errol Flynn (Drums); getting to know you……… (Recorded by one cheap mic’, too cassette).

EXP 1-5 are examples based on the idea of programming a drum pattern and recording it, then jamming over the top of it with, in this case bass, rhythm guitar and lead, with a bit of synth padding; recorded on a Fostex 4-track:

EXP 1-5 – C.Kin: the idea here was to jam each instrument once through, to find out what comes of it. To be honest the lead guitars took 2 go’s. 

Peek-a-boo – C.Kin: two separate ideas strung together.

Pickled Orgy – C.Kin (Fretless Bass), Nigel Hole (Rhythm Guitar), Anthony Errol Flynn (Drums) and Jon Andrews (Lead Guitar); recorded at the Whitehouse studio. Drums & Bass were jammed first, overdubbed by the rhythm guitar and then the lead.

Shadow Spy – C.Kin: The first attempt at composing with a synth (Roland JV50): without the aide of a sequencer.

Trail of the Vagabond - C.Kin (Feat. Nige Hole-Wild R.Guitar): Jamming ideas then looping them.