You can take from our musical ideas however short or long;

else Code of Company is open to working with you from scratch.

Evolving ideas together striving to accomplish a credible musical and/or words composition, that blends with your requirements. 

If you've experienced something on this site that you'd like to license please email your ideas.

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Code of Company produces Words & Music: Copyright: 1995-Today: All Rights Reserved.

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Code of Company was set up to produce fresh instrumental music, songs and literature for licensing.

Ultimately, crafting then recording fresh musical ideas is what this company wants to do.

If you’ve listened to something on this site that you feel will enhance your production, Code of Company will endeavour to make the process of licensing respectfully straight forward.

All copyright permissions for the music on this website (unless stated) belong to Code of Company.

All the ideas on this website can be edited to suit your tastes; for example, you may only need a 30 second segment from a composition with no need for the rest; this can be adapted.

You may feel that a composition’s arrangement suits you but the sounds used aren’t appropriate; simply get in touch with your ideas and those arrangements can be adapted to your taste (samples permitting).

All Sync & Master contracts are considered.