It can be truly fulfilling working with others.

Learning from other people helps improve and hopefully this is reciprocated; achieving our musical goals.

Yeah, there’s the politics but sharing ideas, inspiring new perspectives, having the opportunity to play with good musicians improves skill.

The bond achieved by striding out with others, relative to each others' cause is a special experience.


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There are a lot of benefits working with others but relativity seems to be very important here; a need to be working with people who have similar skills, tastes, ambitions, etc. to make it really work.

For 2-3 years in the early nineties I worked with a very accomplished guitarist called Lorenzo Sereno in London; I hope to work with him again. In the Bio page there's an example of one of Lorenzo’s instrumentals called Griffin; roughly recorded in a squat in Hammersmith: C.Kin on bass and Karen Duke on the drums.

A couple of years ago while working as a temp in another sh*thole (please excuse my lack of French) I bumped into Matt the guitarist who used to help me’n Ju’ over 23 years before playing guitar and we decided to hook up. For 2 years we strived to work out how to write a decent commercial song and have come up with a few examples found within the Songs page, under the title; Sounds Abound UK: Let the Dream Begin; Be Near Me; Peep-ol; Bonds (of Relativity); Queen of the Harem.